First run-through ideas and comments

  • You can also do your roof with normal hewn logs. a hole for windows and door-holes without doors can be 1x2 or 2x1.
    If you have the hammer selected, you can press shift und scroll up an down to switch between floor, stair, roof etc. You can also click on the symbol for hewn log that appears when you select the hammer.
    If you dont get it, you can watch a youtube video.
    Deeds are merged in the actual version, so this a your problem. Go buy it an download the right version.

  • I think a negative sale at stores could open alot of possibilities, without having to write very complicated laws or contracts. So something like sell your tailings to a mine at a loss (so the mine makes money)

  • Hey guys - the best place to pass on your ideas and suggestions is here:

  • @micha886 ty vm. aha actual version. I am strongly thiking about wrecking my budget for it.

  • no, I tried it just now. IT still says I need construction lvl 1 which needs woodworking level 1 or 2 which can only happen if you have a room already made to put the research table in and do research. how is it you need something you had to research to build a room so you CAN research? videos don't address any such problems.

  • @ShaydenMac that forum is totally empty. why use it? I picked this one specifically because it was being used.

  • Are you sure you went to the right place @greengo ? Github Suggestions is the main repository where the devs go to read about suggestions/ideas.


  • I clicked on your link and it was empty. maybe it had subthreads and they were not displayed, just shown as that number?

  • Did you click through on the button indicated, to reach That is the direct link.

  • Yes, @Wooster is correct. My link was missing the /issues at the end. Thanks!

  • okay. went on gethub and posted my new opinions about he game. Here they are, just for reference:
    okay, I've had the free version for about a week now. Pretty damn cool, but of course, I have issues. lol apologies for the typos, I am disabled and typing has gotten hard lately.

    why is there a separate dig and place button as well as a pick/use one? I get confused a lot even now as to which button I need to use, and often can't see the on screen instructions as I am looking too far up or down or too close. I could be wrong, but I see no reason we can't use the left mouse button for them
    kinda a minor note: a screen or button toggle for first person/third person switch. sometimes it helps. What I tend to need most is a local overhead view. I get lost a lot. This is made more necessary by the fact the map function now crashes immediately. being able to move in this mode would be nice too.

    A button in the setup to suspend or stop the meteor completely should be essential. I don't see why you made a built-in deadline into the game. I just want to build and explore. I want to spend my time changing the world as I fancy to. Don't want a deadline to race against.

    IS there a way to delete a game? I wanted to just start over, but the game spent a lot of time working and just made the same exact game I had, exactly where I was in the other. Pretty useless and defeats the purpose.

    Why doesn't the name of a plant pop up when I mouse over it? It would also be useful for other resources. You have to actually mine a rock to id it. Why not just mouse over and it says "iron" or "coal" or "dirt".

    Here's the bulk of my issues: irl you don't need to know carpentry to become a stoneworker, or bricklayer. Each skill should be totally independent of the others. Why can't I start out building houses and whatever out of stone if I want? I was forced to WASTE a lot of time messing around with wood when I didn't WANT a wood house or building. Requiring weird components that are often totally unrelated to a skill or the object you need to build is, well, ridiculous.

    speaking of houses, I built a three room wood one to put machines in and it didn't recognize that I have built a house. I finally built the stone one I started originally, and the same thing. what DOES constitute a house?
    I find the room requirements ridiculous also. A draft table I can see needs a room, but why so much free space around it? carpenter bench might need a roof if you are in a rainy place, but I haven't seen any rain, a stoneworkers bench doesn't need to be inside, and most kilns and blast furnaces and many other
    such things are usually outside, not inside. I built a big house and I can't even PUT any furniture in it. (not sure why we need furniture, but it would LOOK cool, I guess.
    For that matter, why can't we dig into a cliff and make a set of cave rooms, and that be designated a house? I'd love that.
    Then, you get to going down a skill tree and find you need to know a totally different, UNRELATED skill to progress in that skill. I am currently stuck because to make a stone blast furnace I need CLOTH, of all things. I can't make cloth because ultimately, I can't HUNT. I am using an old computer, so i have to
    dumb down the rez, so I can't see well enough to shoot. the ridiculous arc makes it impossible to tell where I am aiming, and everything runs away for no reason. Animals that have never been hunted are not afraid of humans. Having the animal light up if you are on target would be great, but as an archer, I
    can tell you the arc for a bow is not that bad. IT would actually be more accurate to reality to shoot straight. I'd lke to farm, but i need other items I can't get to even start ( as I understand it. there is no reference or instructions, oddly. We need an overview of how to proceed). Noting kills a game like
    not even know what to do or how to do it.

    speaking of skills, skillbooks make no sense. not only does it generate a book to take up space in inventory unnecessarily, but then it generates a scroll, too. we don't need more things taking up inventory space.

    I also am appalled by tailings. Sure, metals production has a slag residue of impurities, but IT is SMALL and should be smaller for a game. I did some metalwork and had to spend the next HOUR getting tailings out of my inventory. Then I ended up with five huge tall towers of tailings. Then it says they are harmful to the environment, so I can't dump them somewhere out of the way, as hard as it is to pull them out of inventory. IF you MUST have them, make them far fewer and more manageable, hopefully

    speaking of that, then there's trash. it has some of the same problem as tailings. I dropped a few books and a scroll or two and I get a mountain of trash. bit much, no?

    Why is there not a function to "take all" and place all up to the limit of the new container? It sure would be nice to be able to select the amount of a resource you want and not have to go back and replace the excess you didn't need, but while I am on that, why is not all inventory linked always? I have had to go get an item and carry it to a bench or workstation because even when linked it doesn't see it. I also can't seem to get the linked inventories to stay linked, or as I just said, get the stations to
    pull from them.

    Footnote: I dropped a cart into the ocean. I can see it on the bottom of a deep bowl underwater. I Can't swim down to get it. There should be a way to retrieve it or destroy it or something. I (probably stupidly) assumed the cart would just follow me as I swam, not knowing its requirements. IT is also pretty useless in my world, which has a lot of mountains. Why cant it go up a slope I can?

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