Vehicle Ownership

  • Sorry if this is a repeat post, or a common thing. i tried searching with no luck.

    So I've set up a pollution law in my server. it charges players based on the amount of PPM they release. Because of this, un-owned equipment which gives off PPM can't run, as it doesn't know who to charge.

    I own a Truck, Skid, Excavator and all 3 deeds are in my possession, but the vehicles are showing as "owned by . " and prevents me from driving them. i can pick them up and put them down whenever i want. tried placing them in a property i own, but still nothing.

    the message on the vehicle basically states as i said above - because there isn't an owner, the law can't be enforced.

    A simple fix would be to stop the law, but clearly this shouldn't be the case.

    The Law
    When attempting to Emit Air Pollution (PPM)
    tax (action amount * 10) StarCoin

  • Can you file a bug report on this?

    Thank you so much!

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