• So, with the Kickstarter ending soon and alpha coming out next month, I wanted to bring up the question about transportation. I have seen discussions of different types of transport on several different posts, but hopefully this discussion can serve as a main point for transportation ideas and design.

  • So, to start off I have seen discussions of Animal transportation, horses and other animals like that I'm guessing. Second, I think I saw somewhere the discussion about rail travel and trains. Lastly, although Im not sure if this has been discussed, I think some sort of boat transportation would be useful. I personally think planes and such shouldn't be a priority, because they would be most likely the hardest to design and least popular mode of transport in game...

  • How about riding giant wolves ;) Maybe as well Dolphins for aquatic travel?

    For machines you could go the route of Spore. Design and build from parts however you want it to look.

  • I think a modular system for vehicles would be good. It would be very easy with trains because new and better locomotives could replace old locomotives and same for any cargo cars. For other vehicles though, or possibly locomotives and cargo cars too, you could have like an engine module that affected power and strength and storage containers for different cargos or/and amounts of cargos and various other modules that would affect a particular stat of the vehicle. These modules could be replaced individually without replacing the whole vehicle, for upgrading and/or replacing parts broken from wear, chance, or abuse. This would help promote this lifestyle, I can't remember it's specific name, where instead of replacing things when they get old or break you just replace or upgrade that part of the system that needs it.

  • Yeah transport will be huge, and change as tech develops along the lines youre saying. It will take up a lot of energy too, so will be important to consider how its fueled. Setting up transport networks will be key because you can only carry a realistic amount of material in Eco, making mining and building much more about transport.

  • On that note will transportation ownership be a thing? If I make a rail line can I collect a fee for its use?

  • @Headgamer said:

    On that note will transportation ownership be a thing? If I make a rail line can I collect a fee for its use?

    I think that headgamer has a great idea with taxing transportation because in real life for example in London the government gets money for the fee for using the London Underground.

  • It would also easy to connect trains to automated production lines,l witch in my opinion is very important.

  • Lets think about huge worlds.. really huge.. ok.. larger

    What about Blimp -> Air plain?
    You would need some kind of airport and regulations (not that anyone is flying around creating chaos and a sh**load of pollution)

    What about Space shuttles to "hop" from one World to an other world. if one world get's crammed servers might consider starting more worlds and with that space-transit might be fun ^^

    I like trains, perfect for everything from steam to electricity. Above ground or sub.

    Cars are also Ideas, so the little ones can get some where..

    And early tec -> Horse carts, crates, baskets and wheelbarrow.

    But all in all, I think those things should not exactly look like their real life counterparts but more like a smaller version of them. Some you might expect on a fair to find on children's attractions.
    Like that:
    The Character sitting in a small sized vehicle, at least for train, car, and such.. plains and space should still be regular sized.. (Not an A380 "regular" sized.. I think you get it ^^)

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