Garden Under the Sea, building contest!

  • Hello Eco Players!

    Our server is looking for new players!
    Every skills is open because we would like to have at least 2-3 players on each skill.
    The server is playing for almost 2 week and we will welcome our new players with some extra skill points on start to help you get your first skill and to give you a jump start.
    The server is focused on building, economy and the community.

    We have a small active community with players from the US & EU.
    The server has bi-weekly building contests with cool rewards.
    Every other week we’ll have a different category and we will start building something new.
    Currently we’re finishing up our commercial buildings and on 01-06 we’ll start with our second contest. During this contest we will be building factories, workshops, ect.

    These buildings will be judged on:

    1. Interior and Exterior feel like they match the building purpose.
    2. Difficultly (materials used/size) of the building.
    3. Creativity/Uniqueness of the building.
    4. Completeness of the Build, including looking physically possible.
    5. Well designed, thought out, overall look of the building.

    So if you’re done building dirt shops and standard 5x5x5 rooms, make sure to check out our server!

    IP; Port: (Use Direct Connect)
    Modded: Glorious Bean Server Modpack
    World Difficulty: Medium coop
    Refund Rate: 0.1
    World Objective: To create massive, beautiful, and mesmerizing cities, ports, castles, and more.
    Server Admin(s): SamuraiOctopi
    Moderators: Loud Derp, Nikasaur, Zchicken

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