Some ideas.

  • First of all i want to say i really like the game! :)
    • Able to delete worlds (when you open the game).
    • A way to vieuw information/statistics about the plants in game. Crop temperature and moisture preferences. (like the overvieuw on the wiki).
    •Being able to place all building blocks in all directions like upside down stairs and side way pillars.
    • Nuts, like walnuts, hazelnuts etc. would be nice for vegan diet. (also more divers mushroom and legumes).
    • Drinks, staying hydrated.
    • Greenhouses as a specialty, You are able to grow crops even tho its not in the ideal area. The more you research the more you can add to the greenhouse. Late game control it with computer. Early game greenhouse can only grow tomatoes beets and beans. The more you progress the more you can grow. (cactus prickly pear etc.) something like that. Also grow decorative plants and flowers.
    • Sunflowers, pumpkins, fruit trees.
    • plants that have an extra positive effect on the environment. Some plants are good for clean air, some for the soil etc.
    • Add workplace/garage as a new room to the house? Workbench, repair table, (carts) decorative stuff etc (still able to place outside for early game).
    • Beekeeping. For honey and wax.
    • ride a bicycle could be fun :) (yes, im dutch)
    • Writing; books, notes, newspaper, posters, letters etc. Maybe a special bookshelf where you can store notes and your research stuff with something that you can easly archive and find stuff.
    • Art? the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. :) Photography? Make a poster of your screenshot.
    •crystals and gems for jewelry, house crystals, sculpture etc wich give special benefits.
    • When you destroy bob the meteor, pieces of the meteor fall on the planet. The pieces have new resourse that allow you to do space research and find other planets and go into space. :)

  • I too thought a couple fruit and nut tree species would be great to have. And greenhouses are also a great idea. :)

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