Massive drop in skill point from housing

  • I've been adding 2-3 hours each day for the last couple weeks in my world, i finally got to just under 300 SP per day, and this morning when i opened ECO and started my world, i was getting 6 SP a day, i've removed and replaced all the furniture, broken and repaired each room, and i seem to be stuck at <10 SP a day no matter what i do, my kitchen states it was soft capped??? i removed everything from the kitchen and it still says its soft locked and reduced due to materials (100% hewn logs) 12%reduction. every room is now making around 1-2 SP a day??? i'm really confused, kinda frustrated and definitely angry. this has to be a bug, and if its not its something that the game or the wiki's have done a horrible job of covering. i am unable to progress, as the last 3 hours of played time i've been waiting for the SP to tick over but at this rate, the meteor will hit me 44 times before i make a block of cement... Someone please help me, if needed i can send the save or make a video or whatever, i'd rather not throw the last 20 or so hours ive happily spent so far in this game. all the other game breaking bugs i've been fine with, theres usually a solution, but this time it seems terminal.

  • I have not played for long, just placed my first butcher table. I play single player and have 'gain skillpoints on crafting' enabled. Today i am not gaining skillpoints for crafting. I only have a kitchen and the furniture dont ad points to the room. This is just in a starting place. i have not even build a house yet.
    Also to unlock my next recharch (planning tailor) i need 500 points!! If i remember correctly, the recharch before was 0 points to start.
    If i don't get skillpoints for crafting and i need 500 points to get the next recharch, im not going to be able to destroy the meteor.

    i have messed around with stuff and i fixed the furniture. kinda weird tho. My butcher table works everywhere in the house but only on several places it gives house points. i changed nothing about the house ( 1 room 273m3), never "broke the room". Also the furniture only works in several places. even tho a buther table will work (everthing is green but not giving house points) if i place a chair on that spot it won't give points. but moving around with stuff i got it now from 2 to 7.1. But im very confuzed how it works, i cannot place anything against the walls for house points, i checked its not blocked. also some places a bit from the wall does not give the points.
    Still not gaining crafting points and for the next recharch i need 500 points, altho i have seen video's other people playing single player and they unlocked much more then me and still had o points to unluck. (these vids where before the update).

    last update:
    The reason my house points where funky was because i forgot to claim the land! woopsie, sorry.
    I did unlearn like 4 specialty wich gave me just around 1000 skillpoints lol. (half of the cost i never put in) so i could unlock tailor, messed around a bit. Went explore the world and lots of places half off the plants where dying. :(
    For some reason my world changed to multiplayer set up with no craftingpoints after the update. Btw i have the game on steam with auto update.
    I made a new world and now the skillpoints works correct.

  • Got that issue on my last map. I removed one block and lost nearly all my housing skillpoints.
    One time I didnt changed a thing and I lost all of it (went to 0 housing points).

  • I have the same. Any solution? It should be working well. I play a lot in games like EVE Online and there is all working good.

  • And it just happened again. Got a 83 point bonus on housing and changed the windows from hewnlog to framedglass and got dropped to 34.
    Thats super annoying. When is that going to be fixed?

  • And again from 38 to 20.
    When is this going to be fixed?

  • Has either of you filed a bug report? You can here:

    Thank you so much!

  • Yes I did.

  • @DrCarsonBeckett Thank you so much!

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