7.4.6 Released

    • Improved the horizontal overflow behavior of the Contract window, preventing the text in the header column from being squished until it overflows vertically everywhere.
    • Fixed an issue where some contract clauses had way too much vertical whitespace.
    • For LAN and local servers, connect directly by ip address, rather than connecting through the master server. This prevents connection issues when the master server is down.
    • When attempting to connect via the master server, timeout and return to the main menu if the master server does not respond.
    • Fixed client-side lag due to unnecessary property texture updates
    • Fixed Combustion Generators polluting forever when the power grid demand was 0, which was making some servers flood (flooding can produce a lot of client-side lag when your map is open on large servers)
    • Combustion Generators now consume fuel at a constant rate.
    • Power grids only enable combustion generators one at a time as energy demand increases.
    • Power grids with insufficient power now disable the most recently added objects instead of disabling everything.
    • Reduced sea level rising performance impact
    • Reduced client-side lag related to frequently changing pipe outputs
    • Minimap icons load faster on big servers
    • Player names are now always visible
    • Improved map update performance
    • Fixed a performance issue related to opening the chat log
    • Decreased lag due to opening the chat log by having it load 1 message per frame instead of all in 1 frame.

  • @ShaydenMac Windows Defender identifies the Server executable as a trojan virus (OS is Windows Server 2016).

    Screenshot (2).JPG

  • I imagine they've changed something prior to the recent Windows update. You should be able to manually make the program have Eco as an exception but the best thing is to contact them and ask them to permanently add Eco to their file exceptions within the program itself. Players did this with Kaspersky and it was fixed within days, as I recall.

  • @ich777 "Cloxer" is a microsoft virus detection heuristic based on machine learning. It's quite likely that the eco server was flagged, because it contains code for networking, extracting binaries and is executing these binaries afterwards which is quite a common pattern among trojans. Furthermore the server executable isn't digitally signed which also negatively impacts the risk assessment.

  • New release 7.4.6 is very attractive to players, I find it more than the old version a lot both in terms of content and images.
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