Will there ever be single-player or server that a mac can run?

  • Hello i recently bought this game and i am kinda disappointed because i didn't know that macs could not run a single-player game or even run a server. When or will this ever be updated to have these features if so when would be the estimated update it will make it to?

  • Unfortunately, we are focused on making the Windows version stable first. After that, we would be able to work on the Mac version but as of right now, there is no time estimates that I'm able to give you. I will let the community know as soon as that changes and any new information is available.

  • @michaelsloan Eco is meant to be played in groups and it is really more fun with others.
    you can play it alone, but i think you will soon get tired about that.
    First you should start on a bigger open server to test the waters, and later you can team up with some people. you can find a lot of new servers here in the forum and in a community you will find out what eco is really about. gIve it a try

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