[Suggestion] Deeds

  • They currently take up space in inventory slots and don't really serve a purpose besides allowing people access and denying people. If there isn't any future interest with them they might be server better if given they're own special menu that you can access to add and remove people from. Another good idea if you plan to keep them is to allow others to steal them if you plan on having pvp in the game as an element.

    Also I hope in later version of the game when placing a door it'll be added to the building as one deed so you don't have two separate deed's one for a door and one for the building.

  • There's no apostrophe in the word deeds.

    I think it'd be great if there was a deed book or something that everyone could store (and organize!) their deeds in within something like a town hall.

  • @Psycho-Romeo it's late my brain isn't function to well to catch spelling errors =\

    and yeah I agree. Maybe adding a building or a function to the town hall would work with this.

  • I should have probably put books in here as well. Maybe a bookshelf to hold knowledge of books in. or binding the book to the person who created it and after reading the book to allow the player to make the skill scroll to be sold using different ingredients.

  • @adalric said:

    Maybe a bookshelf to hold knowledge of books in.

    A library, or study. Bookshelf idea is good I think.

  • We are working on many things and we also discussed about inventory problem with deed and books.
    For now use house to hold those thing plz :)

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