Misc feedback from our private server

  • Greetings, this is a compilation of feedbacks gathered from our 10-players private server; we are all mature gamers (30+ years), and some of us (me included) work as professionals in the IT business.

    Main menu

    • It should be possible to delete a single-player save from the in-game menu
    • Manually joining a server should create a favourite


    • Sometimes you get stuck after opening a door while standing too close to it
    • It should be possible to quickly move an item stack from (and to) the current active storage to (and from) your backpack (ie, less drag-and-drop)
    • Newly placed storages should not be connected by default to any other storage
    • The "Storage" tab becomes a mess with lots and lots of inventories (some ideas: alphabetic sorting, checkbox to show my inventories only, a "collapse all linked inventories" button)
    • Sometimes you have to press "E" more than once to use an item (basic workbench and repair station, for example)


    • Some idea to improve all the crafting recipes lists: alphabetic sorting, search box, grouping by required skill, checkbox to show the craftable recipes only.
    • Why is there a "Crafting" tab and a "Credit" tab in the door configuration window?
    • Why the small table has an interface (with "Status" and "Auth" tabs)?


    • There should be more homogeneity between skill icons (ex: not all the building skills have the little hammer in their lower-right corner)
    • Skills with different meanings have the same icon (ex: "Basic Crafting", "Basic Crafting Efficency" and "Basic Crafting Speed")


    • Switching from one world layers to another (expecially if they are towards the end of the list) is very time consuming (the drop-down selector always resets itself to the first element)
    • Resizing the map window by using the lower-left anchor moves the windows itself to the left; consecutive resizes create a strange rubberband effect
    • The "...YeldPotential" world layers seem to be way off (checked multiple times with the soil tool)

    Game system

    • Hunting seems to be less effective than other methods to obtain proteine-rich and fat-rich food (fishing, for example: 50+ fishes in a single trap in less than a real-time day)
    • Using stone to create bricks seems strange (maybe a system to gather clay from somewhere and "raw" bricks must be cooked?)
    • Some professions seem to be "off" (ie, they group specialities that are not homogeneous)

    We are enjoing our time in Eco very much and we are eager to see what you guys will add to the game.
    I'll try to keep this list up-to-date: I'm something like the server's spokesman.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for all your feedback! I've posted this in our Suggestions Github: https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoSuggestions/issues/34

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