Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack 1.0.1 for Eco 7.4.X

  • GBSU 1.0.1 for Eco 7.4.6

    Made for the Glorious Bean Server
    First Release: 05/20/2018
    Modlist, Changelog, Info, Download and Links: GBM Modlist Spreadsheet
    Main Modpack: Glorious Bean Modpack
    Contact: Discord (Gabeux#1309) for questions, issues or reports.

    Last update: 05/27/2018
    Last Tested Version: - works 100%. Reapply the modpack after installing a new Eco Update.
    Download: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

    GBSU 1.0.1 Warning: VoteRewards was accidentally missing from the pack. Please redownload and re-apply GBSU if you downloaded it right after the release.
    If you can execute the command /vrhelp in game, you don't have to worry about it.

    Highlights & Modlist
    A standalone modpack intended to enhance and empower Server Admins, Owners, Moderators, or players in general.

    This modpack includes admin commands and tools to enable admins to perform a variety of actions, or facilitates/automates certain process or procedures.


    1. Unzip in the root folder of your server OR move the Mods folder in the GBSU .zip archive to your server root folder.

    Media / Info
    GBSU Video Coming Soon!
    GBM Release Video and Mod Highlights Youtube Video

    Author Description
    Hello everyone!
    After releasing the GBM Modpack, it became evident not everyone has the need for admin mods.
    Given that certain of those can break or become outdated more easily than content mods, I preferred to break them away and offer standalone modpacks with different goals - those will be standalone and mixed and matched as players prefer.
    I run the mods on my own server - the Glorious Bean Server - and am constantly on the lookout for good and stable mods to package and present more easily to the community in general.

    The GBM and the GBSU
    The modpack aims to expand, deepen or add to the vanilla experience, while doing the best to keep the games and servers stable by only adding engrossing, interesting mods that do not overly negatively impact performance or balance - my ultimate goal is to achieve the same as Minecraft modpacks achieved: let people have the mods without worrying about losing hours of gameplay.

    As this is an Early Access game, all sorts of problems can happen, but those should be reported to those responsible (report mod issues to their modders, report vanilla and Eco issues to the developers) as to attain the highest quality, best solutions, and less waste of time as possible.

    The GBSU follows the same ideas, focused on server owners, admins or players looking for more tools and commands.


    1. Check the archive of the GBSU version you downloaded, to see which mods were installed.
    2. Remove the mods from your /Eco Server/Mods folder.

    Compatibility Notes
    Given that mods in the GBSU are standalone 'tools' and usually don't overwrite vanilla files, compatibility between the pack and other mods is almost guaranteed.
    For similar mods, make sure to check their mods pages for known compatibility issues, as I can't keep track of every little integration and compatibility detail at all times.

    Future Plans
    There's a couple things I still want to expand with the GBM.. :)
    Plans include adding more awesome and stable mods, and making it easier to install & customize the pack(s).
    I'm keeping contact with as many mod authors as I can, and I will try to keep the modlist spreadsheet updated.
    I have multiple plans for multiple things regarding Eco. With any luck I will have free time to complete them!

    a. I cannot guarantee any compatibility between the modpack and different versions of the game, different versions of the included mods, or compatibility with new mods.
    b. I cannot guarantee the full extent of the safety of your savegames or the stability of your game and server. I run the mod pack on my own and friend servers, so I test as much as I can before updating the pack. But the Early Access/Beta nature of the game itself should hint towards the reality of things.
    c. I do not work as a modder (although that sounds awesome as a job) and I may not be always available for helping. If you discover an specific issue with a specific mod, you may have more luck contacting the mod author.
    d. When running into bugs, make sure you verify, if you can, whether your problem is caused by mods, vanilla or user error before bringing a problem to the wrong table - over 90% of "mods are breaking the game" statements I've heard are actually not even closely related to installed mods.
    e. Do not redistribute this package as your own - this package include IPs of multiple individuals and should be respected as so.
    f. If you want to base your own modpack on GBM, feel free to do so, but like its author, provide credit where it's due.
    By downloading and applying this software package you agree with those terms and conditions.

    Made by Gabeux with suggestions from the Glorious Bean Co-Op community, for the Glorious Bean Server Modpack.
    Icons, banners, and images for my own mods & modpack made by my wife - Ma [Ma#4039].
    All credit and thanks for the Featured & modified mods goes to the mod authors! Much of my learning was through the previous work of the community.
    Tested & Ran on the Glorious Bean Server.
    My special thanks goes to everyone in the GBS, GBS, Killservers and Pam, and all modders of the Eco community.
    Best of luck to SLG in this promising and ambitious project!

    GBSU 1.0.1 for Eco 7.4.6 - Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
    Date: 05\28\2018 - SHA1: 0078445E16ECE9E1723720A8F489DF38



  • [Eco 7.4.6] GBSU 1.0.1 Update :

    Quick update to move ResetSkills command from GBM to GBSU, and to add a much needed Scheduled Messages feature - thanks Kirthos for accepting that mission!

    • Added: ResetSkills Command : Command to reset the player's entire skill tree and refunds the used skill points - 3 time use [changeable]!
    • Updated: Another MOTD Plugin : Adds Scheduled Messages feature + a couple fixes!

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