[Suggestion] Keybindings for menu

  • Basically being able to access your inventory and the rest of the other menu's without having to hit tab and hover over to the appropriate button to open it.

  • As a left handed player that uses the mouse with my left hand I would like to suggest adding in game key bindings as well. Being familiar with using Unity 5 I realize you can change a few default keys in the game splash window before it loads, however I would like to see the addition of all keys used in game.

    Key binding already in the menu as default by Unity:
    W,A,S,D: Move forward, left, back and right
    Space: Jump
    (There are a lot more keybinds I saw that were not used in the game at all. I would use the input manager to delete these.)

    Needed key binding from the wiki that I did not see when trying to make changes:
    E: Use object
    Tab: Toggle UI Mode
    Enter: Open chat / Send message
    Esc: UI Mode / Game Menu
    Left mouse button: Tool action
    Right mouse button: Place Item / Use Item
    E (while placing object): Rotate item left
    Q (while placing object): Rotate Item Right
    Shift + Left Mouse button: Split item stack (bugged in Alpha 0.5.1)

    Again I would like to add that having the ability to rebind keys in game would be really nice as well, though that UI construction in itself is kind of time consuming. Though, I would be initially satisfied with simply adding the keybinding to the splash screen by using the Unity Input Manager and changing code where appropriate.

    I believe using the Unity Input Manager should be sufficient to get the keys added to the keybind options in the splash screen:

    You would need to travel through the C# code however and replace all of your Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E) and etc.. with the correct information from the input manager.


    Being a left handed player I've spent a lot of time making sure keybindings where one of the first things I added in anything I made in Unity.

    here are a few tutorials I found while searching the YouTubes, though I don't know how accurate they are as I have not watched them:

    Lastly a question to the developers, Do you have an idea as to a time frame or when if at all the keybinding process would receive an overhaul?

    Thank you for your time!

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