[AUS] 7.4.5 Camelot New Word 19/5

  • Hi All

    We have just restarted our world and looking for interested players. Using mods to mining and processing made by Valheran to add a bit of extra spice to the tech tree

    Server Name: Camelot Eco
    Server Location: Australia
    Brief Description: Economy oriented server, trying out new mods to mining and mineral processing , and more food recipes. (https://github.com/valheran/VEcoMods). New world 19/5
    Server Admin(s): Valheran. Lws
    Password protected?: No
    IP; Port: helios.penwatch.net:3000
    Discord Server/Teamspeak/Ventrilo, (optional): https://discord.gg/ar5zJfn
    World Size:100*100 (1km2)
    World Difficulty: Moderate
    World Objective: Robust Economy, Meteor, building projects

  • Is this server still up? Can't see it in the server listing. Direct connect?

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