Some agricultural ideas and a few general game ideas

  • Agriculture

    • I'd like to see the ability for crafting advanced farming bio tech stations which can assist in the engineering of better crops which produce higher yields through genetic research and application of advanced farming techniques/use of advanced machinery and sciences such as simple genetic modification after gathering and dissecting wild versions and leveling up research skills, however with the risk of taking a species to far and creating something that cannot live in the wild and therefore can only be sustained by agriculture so if you log out and let all your advanced crops die without having saved seeds from them or the starter wild versions then you have messed up the natural order and have lost that species entirely until you can either modify a similar genus to fill the role or move beyond needing the products from that species you let die off.
      -If GMOs are introduced into the game I feel it could add depth to the economy, just as in real life people make choices about whether to buy GMO or Organic food as well as legal battles ensue over GMO crop rights due to genetic engineered crops spreading seeds to non gmo fields, if weather systems get added and wind becomes a thing that can spread pollen and seeds this would add more depth and make it so you would have to plan out GMO fields or outright ban them from ever being developed on a server to begin with
    • Higher tier Farming vehicles and tools.
      - Silos for grain storage that give a buff for cutting milling costs
      - more advanced milling machines with higher yields but which are accessible at higher tiers only and have high material cost
      - Combines, tractors, spray rigs, etc. Each class of farming vehicle with its own purpose and buff/debuff in game. For example a combine makes gathering wheat easier but wastes more hulls or something. Fertilizer spray rigs can treat large crop fields easier but create more pollution run off and the risk of overtreating a larger area
      - agricultural piping/sprinklers of varying levels such as a basic garden sprinkler then a small pump based pipe system advancing up this specialty means unlocking better pumps, better pipes, better sprinkler rigs.
      - addition of bees, beekeeping, beehives as a way to increase crop growth rates and could also be another species to have to monitor the overall number of because if they are all allowed to die off then the world loses its ability to have plants respawn or something like they respawn but at horribly slower rates without bees alive to assist
      - Addiction of fruit trees, and ability to build orchards that need pollination help from bees as well as grafting skill specialty
      -addition of domesticated farm animals and having to monitor their excrement output or the number confined in a certain amount of area (if you build a CAFO then you could really wreck the ocean with nutrient run off for example) but if you don't like hunting or gathering you could use domesticated animal poo for fertilizer....or energy production in a biogas generator
      -Addition of lime, in real life fields can be limed in order to fix fertilizing mistakes it would be a nice addition to ECO to have the same ability
      -I'd like to see items like tomato cages and bean poles added for early game that allow you to invest more care into a plant and therefore increase its yield by providing a care buff to each individual plant, later game or mid game would open up access to greenhouses and automatic nutrient monitoring systems to provide ultimate personalized care per plant chunk
      -Addition of aesthetic plants like rose bushes and flowers for the flower pots

    -Ability to allow only certain items into a chest. The ability to name a chest is meaningless if when it is connected to a storage system and machines anything created or added to the system can be placed into any storage no matter what it is intended for or labeled as...I want my food to go only into my ice boxes and fridges not 7 different storage containers
    -Auto sort machine as part of the advanced factory route, could be combined with a warehouse with upgradeable storage limits
    -More energy sources, Battery Powered vehicles, rechargeable battery cells that turbine or solar cell can charge, maybe even steam powered steampunk retro vehicles , biogas generators that produce liquid fertilizer and energy both with proper care

    After typing this seems like a long list of ideas lol, but these are just some of the ideas I've had while playing and progressing through only to find a pretty giant hole in progression for agriculture compared to other professions. The game is still so new and I love it already but I think adding more depth via realistic machinery, outcomes, needs, tools and just more overall options will improve it to make it an even better game for long term play.

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