Community Update - 5/15/18

  • COMMUNITY UPDATE - 5/15/18

    Highlighted comments from our 4/30/18 update:

    People prefer to have Construction skills (Lumber construction, etc) either be free or under the material Specialization (under Wood construction under Hewing, for instance)

    “Yes, yes, yes! It's amazing how much more fun building becomes when you take these specialties, but it can be hard to justify picking them up because they don't give any in-game benefit other than stairs.”

    “There's a mod that gives it to everyone, but it would indeed be better if it was by default.”

    What the Community Has Been Discussing

    Trending Topics

    Bugs or technical issues

    “Opening the Economy Viewer is causing a great deal of lag.”

    UPDATE: There are improvements to this in 7.5 and more to come as we fine-tune the issues causing this.

    “Things seem to be a lot more stable with statistics off. The web server part of the game is just not stable and accessing it with statistics on will either freeze the server or, in my experience, prevent new players from logging in. Once stats were disabled all issues vanished.”

    UPDATE: This is a high priority bug we are currently working on.

    If you have any further information you can give us regarding this, please send it to me at and reference the above-mentioned bug report. Your help is appreciated!

    “Many people commented on 7.4 staging server being confusing and updating to the unstable 7.5 without warning.”

    UPDATE: We are steadily working on streamlining the process of releasing updates and although we may encounter some bumps at times, there are fewer issues each time.

    Things People Would Like to Add or Change

    • More talk of chainsaws

    • End game content. More disaster scenarios or something to justify continuing the world after the meteor hits (or doesn’t hit).

    • The option to see the name of a storage chest (and other things), when you approach it, before you click on it.
      Better water mechanics

    • Dams

    • Hydro-electric generators

    • Powered hand tools; electric drills, jackhammers

    • Archway blocks

    • Ramps should be the same width as a road and doors 1 or 3 blocks wide

    • Train system; ability to transport vehicles

    • More clothing options

    • Another soft cap for housing on top of the ones already there. Soft cap it based on the next closest players (Physically) house score compared to yours. If you shoot off and others don't you don't go up as fast until they make it better. Real world equivalent: Property value is often pulled down if others in the area are lower quality and a single higher quality property will not be as valuable with lots of lower value houses around it.

    • An option for an admin to “pause” the meteor countdown without having to shutdown the server

    • Animations for things such as the table saw, etc.

    • A creative mode!

    Sharing the Love!

    • People have really been loving Eco’s music and commenting on it. Many would like to see it available outside of the game.

    • The Eco Community let us know they were happy to hear that content/updates would be released closer to a 2 week interval going forward

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