I created a completely artificial lake

  • Great work!
    I would be interested in a small guide! Why dont you need any bricks? Does it work with dirt only? Does the water affect the moisture in surrounded soil?

  • @micha886 I will do a guide then. I have to upgrade my computer tomorrow, so I doubt I'll get around to it then (day will probably be spent installing software and registering said software, zzzzzzzzzz). I'll try and get it done on Friday, but no promises! :D

  • @_Viper Which Friday do you think of? :D

  • @micha886 Hehe! Yeah, I got a bit delayed, but I will get to making the guide ASAP! I hope to have it done during this week - I think that's realistic. :)

  • i tried to do something like this. but instead of a huge river system. i made a pipping system that went under my place and a road to a dug out lake area. Once i opened the flood gate from the water source blocks, the water only flowed a few blocks within the pipe system. I then made the bottem of the pipe system out of brick in the V shape form and the water sadly only flowed one or two blocks more then it did with dirt. I would love to watch your guide on how to move water around.

    my pipe system was only 2 blocks high and 1 wide. that was i could walk in it. the opening was on a river side wall that was dirtly underneath watersource blocks

  • @CowaBunga Did you use the aqueduct blocks, or just normal brick blocks? The aqueduct blocks are the ones that will let water flow. They're the 3 green boxes icon when constructing using bricks. Requires brick construction 2 unlocked.

    At any rate the guide is in the works, but I'm not quite finished yet, so bear with me (and apologies for the delay!). :)

  • with the new update and not having any more constriction skills. this is gonna be so much easier to play around with. Any sort of update on a Tutorial?

  • It looks very easy to play this one by adopting some useful methods.

  • Cow, I noticed you on our Globir server, dont run! xD we need some canals!

  • Can you make a video on Youtube on how you do this? Thanks!

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  • I don't know if you're on the Eco Discord server, but if you are, the moderators are looking for cool stories about things people have done in the game and I bet they would love this. :)

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