GBM Server Seeking to expand community Perks for new members

  • i run a gbm server with a great community of 7 active people on a 2km world with 2.5xspec penalty and 100%refund with a 90 day meteor and looking to expand the community and would like you to join we also have a discord and welcome players of all ages and play experience.
    glorious bean modpack is required to play and you need to be 18+ to be a member of our discord no age requirements to play on the server

    PERKS! new members on request (to make sure you read) get 1 free skill and item of choice for joining and 50 extra land claim tokens

    Our game IP:
    Server Capacity: 200~
    Intended Collaboration Difficulty: 5-10 Players
    Skill Special Cost: 2.5x
    Refund Rate: 100%
    Moderators: Razorbhunter
    Profanity Filter: none
    modpack:glorious bean modpack
    modpack download:

    server is a locally hosted and maintained machine by me its a 8 core machine on ssd with 16gb of ram on a optical connection with 2hr backups on 2 redundant ssd drives

  • placeholder

  • still seeking new memberships