Ideas for new additions to the game

  • Hey guys! Lovin this game! Its awesome. I just wanted u guys to know for farming with the soil sampler its a great tool, was trying to build some fireweed farms and other farms higher in the air, and on top of each other a few stories (ie with skyscraper floors) and currently dirt blocks are added for all the blocks beneath it, so it wont let me plant well even though im there- unless i completely fill the blocks from ground level up to the intended height with dirt, in the 5x5 plot around it. Is it possible if we could change this so the blocks get their info from the 5x5 in the plane around it at the same height level?

    That would allow people to make better plots and fix that bug at the same time/so plants can still be planted at differing heights, like in hydroponics farms etc in a building that has multiple floors.

    Also I had an idea for fishing- you could have different tier fishing rods and baits, as well as lures, and traps that could work well with boats and fish in different areas and caught better at different locations and times of day, rain, storms, etc. More weather additions to the game would be cool.

    Thanks guys! This game is great

  • Right now the only fix for the farming is to completely fill the blocks beneath the height with dirt/other blocks which could take a really long time i.e. like hundreds of dirt for a 10x10 plot depending on how high it is. I'm extending some dirt off a cliff because it has optimal planting in that 5x5 there. I can also add to the wiki fertilizer descriptions if you want, if you have a list/code descriptions. Also it makes a lot of plants/farming blocks get the 'overcrowded' debuff when its not actually crowded there with grass or other plants. Alrighty lata.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. I've added them here

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