Combat, and a STEM classroom

  • Hi!

    Former educator turned Unity3d dev here. I have long been interested in creating an MMO style game which helps prepare students for the real world. When I saw you guys at PAX, I was really hyped and though it would be a great system to work with towards my goals.

    I have some questions and some ideas. I should mention that I did kickstart at the dev tier but have not taken steps necessary to getting access to the source code. Thus I am a bit of a noob. Please excuse my ignorance!

    • Is there any work happening towards building ECO out to mobile platforms?
    • If there isn't work in this direction, are there any hurdles (water quality, draw calls, texture resolution, shader model, shadows) that prevent this from happening as-is?
      *Has there been any progress towards creating classrooms designed specifically for teaching the sciences? In particular, I am interested in simulating things that are too expensive to teach in some communities. I'd like to kick that off.
    • Combat. Kids like to swing swords. I have a touch based networked combat, camera, and movement system that I was thinking I'd like to add. This is a huge can of worms, I realize. Its a nice MMO style camera system that does a pretty good job of bouncing off and sliding off of walls etc. Is this sort of hacking of ECO even welcome?

    If curious, my dev blog is here.
    And a couple of videos of my game in progress.

    Thanks for reading!

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