Wyland Season 1- Noob Friendly server, huge World (4.8 KM), easy skillpoints, DOUBLE EXP WEEKENDS!

  • We are looking for more players for our small, but awesome server! The economy and all but one buildings are organic and entirely player-driven. New players can head to our community center, grab a skillscroll from the library and almost immediately start the job of their choosing.

    We are now at day 13, still a lot of days to go until the destruction of the Meteor (or our destruction by it).

    Name: Wyland Season 1
    IP and Port:

    Updated to the newest Version

    Discord: https://discord.gg/kUxJyz

    Custom mods: Bigger vehicles (vehicles can carry more)

    No password or whitelist, friendly community. Come and experience Eco as it's meant to be played!

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