No crafting sp on Linux dedicated server

  • Set up a new world on the 7.4.1 patch on a Linux server, and I want to have a little bit of skill points from crafting (a very small amount, about 10% of the recommended, so set to 0.00001), and whenever I craft something, I get no SP. So, thinking "Oh, maybe it is just a rounding error." I set it to 0.01 and restarted the server. Still no SP from crafting.

    I noticed on the new game for single player, there is a button to enable it, but, I can't find a setting in the config files for it. And the dedicated server GUI doesn't show anything either. Any thoughts?

  • Found the problem. The default config files for the dedicated server have a typo in them, it says "SkillPointPerCrafttime". It should be "SkillPointsPerCrafttime"

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