New World 5/11 - 1.5x Skill Gain - No Meteor - No Lag - 24/7 Dedicated

  • Welcome! We're Infinity Ping and we'd like to have people join and have a fun place where we can all work together. We're very noob friendly and love helping out.

    We have proper admins and moderators running the server. We're fair and strive to make sure everyone is a part of what goes on. So if there's something you'd like to see changed, feel free to join us and ask about changing it. We could change skill gain, add in new mods, and so on at the request of players.

    Anyone interested should definitely come join us!


    • 1.5x Skill Gain
    • Daily and Vote skill point rewards (10 free points a day)
    • Low Collaboration
    • Modded (info on Discord)


    Also, for those interested in knowing, we're hosted by in New York.

  • We have now updated the server to 7.4.4! Still looking for people to join as well!

  • Now updated to 7.4.5. People are still free to join. We currently have a low population of only 3 active players. Everyone is welcome!

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