Free 24/7 Server

  • As a trial I setup a server on an aws. (Amazon Web server)

    It's possible to set up a t2.micro with get 30gb of space and 1gb of ram, running on Windows 2016 server, with uploads and downloads of 200+Mbps.

    The ram is a little on the low side. We only have 4 of us playing. We set it up to try and learn about the game, and mechanics.

    The only time it lags is when the "stats" page is open on the server client, apart from that it seems pretty stable.

    The skill settings is set to "no collaboration" so we've got to also end game very quick, wanted to mess about with the technology, and learn things, before jumping into a collaborative server and messing someone's game up, by having no idea what we are doing.

    If people want to know more, I could make a video/detailed post on how to set one up.

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