Eco server not creating Game.db and

  • Hi.

    I own an Eco server hosted at nitrado. It runs for several days now but got a little buggy today, with players glitching through blocks etc.

    Thus I wanted to restart the server to see if that fixes the glitches. But I found that the server does not create the Game.db and files in the "Storage" directory nor does it create backups of these files in "Storage/Backup" (the server is configured to do that every 4 hours).

    Is it save to restart the server or will our game state be lost? Where does the server keep the current game state, just in memory?

    If it matters, I had to shutdown the server at the start and rename the existing Game.db and files to __Game.db and, because that was the only way to force the server to generate a new world with our modified settings (nitrado does not offer a function to force world recreation). It seems that since the server was started after renaming those files, they never got recreated. World creation worked just fine, we are playing on that world for several days now.

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