Glorious Bean Modpack 1.3.0 for Eco 7.6.X

  • GBM 1.3.0 for Eco 7.6.2

    Made for the Glorious Bean Server
    First Release: 05/02/2018
    Modlist, Changelog, Info, Download and Links: GBM Modlist Spreadsheet
    Contact: Discord (Gabeux#1309) for questions, issues or reports.

    Last Ypdate: 07/23/2018
    Last Tested Version: - works 100%. Reapply the modpack after installing a new Eco Update.

    WARNING for existing modpack players and users : Before updating your game from previous GBM versions, check the ReadMe inside the download package for any additional instructions.
    Download: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2

    Server Owners, Admins and PowerUsers: Admin Commands were moved to the Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack.

    Highlights & Modlist
    Mods include object collections, new recipes for food and objects, new skills for mining/logging/farming, double carry weight, new admin commands, faster vehicles, enables players to reset skills one time, multiple slight changes to vanilla behavior and balance, and more!

    Installation Instructions

    1. Backup and delete or move your existing \Mods folder (located in your \Eco Server [dedicated server] or Eco\Eco_Data\Server [singleplayer / local server] folders)
    2. Extract the modpack ZIP file in the \Eco Server folder root.

    Author Description
    Hello everyone!
    After playing Eco for a little while I quick realized the potential this game has for modding. It's much easier and faster than most games to mod, and provides one of the most seamless modded experience around, probably.
    Once I decided to have my own server so it could be the home of the group of players I've met and stuck together in-game (GBC), I had to mod it to my leisure. After 4 days of reading, modding, testing and re-testing, with a little push from friends it became obvious that I could publish it to make the lives of others easier, and also to (hopefully) serve as a door to bring vanilla players to the magical world of mods - that's what Minecraft modpacks did to me years ago and after those, every game I really enjoy I end up grabbing all the possible mods for it, and bruteforcing my way into making the ones I want play nice together.
    This is a package of curated and compatible (or compatibilized) mods developed by the whole Eco modding community.

    The GBM
    The modpack aims to expand, deepen or add to the vanilla experience, while doing the best to keep the games and servers stable by only adding engrossing, interesting mods that do not overly negatively impact performance or balance - my ultimate goal is to achieve the same as Minecraft modpacks achieved: let people have the mods without worrying about losing hours of gameplay.
    As this is an Early Access game, all sorts of problems can happen, but those should be reported to those responsible (report mod issues to their modders, report vanilla and Eco issues to the developers) as to attain the highest quality, best solutions, and less waste of time as possible.

    Backup your Mods folder or redownload/Verify Integrity of Game Files for quick uninstall.
    To uninstall individual mods, you'll first have to take the pill, Neo.

    Compatibility Notes - Adding mods manually
    Ideally you should not overwrite your /Mods folder - use the full one provided by the modpack and if you want to add new mods manually, you must do it on your own time, effort and risk.

    Due to the high amount of mods, adding new mods could either render one of the mods useless, overwritten or broken - take special care with mods that makes changes to recipes and the tech-tree as not to cut yourself or your players off the game progression or cause unrecoverable unbalances!

    Hint 1: If you understand you're doing this on your own risk, you can try:

    • For mods that don't overwrite Vanilla files, you can install them without issue most of the time. Mind that a .dll mod can still be overwriting a Vanilla file and cause conflicts/issues.
    • For mods that do overwrite Vanilla files, there could be conflicts with mods in the GBM. You can install those new mods first, and then install GBM again, overwriting everything on the Mods folder. Mind that this would overwrite any changes by the new mod, but new items/blocks/functionality may still be in place.
    • Server Owners: Don't try this kind of thing on a live server. Test locally, or you will regret it, and so will your players.

    Hint 2: An easy way to compatibilize mods is simply using a diff software [e.g. WinMerge], comparing the modpack-provided file/folder vs. the new mod file/folder, and applying the desired changes to each individual file. Assuming the mod is compiled as a .dll, of course.

    Future Plans
    A few dedicated modders are looking forward to making the Eco more and more fun and complex in the long run, if possible.
    I'm keeping contact with as many mod authors as I can, and I will try to keep the modlist spreadsheet updated.
    I have multiple plans for multiple things regarding Eco. With any luck I will have free time to complete them!

    More info:
    GBM Release Video and Mod Highlights Youtube Video
    Contact me on Discord (Gabeux#1309) for questions, issues or reports.

    a. I cannot guarantee any compatibility between the modpack and different versions of the game, different versions of the included mods, or compatibility with new mods.
    b. I cannot guarantee the full extent of the safety of your savegames or the stability of your game and server. I run the mod pack on my own and friend servers, so I test as much as I can before updating the pack. But the Early Access/Beta nature of the game itself should hint towards the reality of things.
    c. I do not work as a modder (although that sounds awesome as a job) and I may not be always available for helping. If you discover an specific issue with a specific mod, you may have more luck contacting the mod author.
    d. When running into bugs, make sure you verify, if you can, whether your problem is caused by mods, vanilla or user error before bringing a problem to the wrong table - over 90% of "mods are breaking the game" statements I've heard are actually not even closely related to installed mods.
    e. Do not redistribute this package as your own - this package include IPs of multiple individuals and should be respected as so.
    f. If you want to base your own modpack on GBM, feel free to do so, but like its author, provide credit where it's due.
    By downloading and applying this software package you agree with those terms and conditions.

    Note: I do not change the mod behaviors intended by the authors, but I do reserve the right balance mods or the game as I see fitting for the pack. I'd only rewrite mod code if utmost necessary to guarantee compatibility. If I can't reproduce the same quality or performance as the original author, I'd prefer not to touch a mod and rely on the modder to make the integration/compatibility patch or version instead.

    Made by Gabeux with suggestions from the Glorious Bean Co-Op community, for the Glorious Bean Server Modpack.
    Icons, banners, and images for my own mods & modpack made by my wife - Ma [Ma#4039].
    All credit and thanks for the Featured & modified mods goes to the mod authors! Much of my learning was through the previous work of the community.
    Tested & Ran on the Glorious Bean Server.
    My special thanks goes to everyone in the GBS, GBS, Killservers and Pam, and all modders of the Eco community.
    Best of luck to SLG in this promising and ambitious project!

    GBM 1.3.0 for Eco 7.6.2
    Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
    Date: 07\23\2018 - SHA1: ED582C69FCAADC7BF33DB125105D9C0DBDFE83D

    For Older Eco Versions:
    GBM 1.2.2 for Eco 7.4.6
    Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
    Date: 05\27\2018 - SHA1: F004E07D6743F88CF5417643DDD830452FA60E27

    GBM 1.1.2 for Eco 7.3.3
    Mirror 1 | Mirror 2
    Date: 05\06\2018 - SHA1: 348BF3612FA0224AF6350FC9AF2990F4



  • [Eco 7.4.1] GBM Major Update - "It Just Works"
    GBM 1.2.0 Changes:

    • Added: Cj's Expanded Items Pack - Collection of different types of furniture
    • Updated: All available mod updates for 7.4 compatibility - thanks for all modders who either updated during Staging or quickly after the 7.4 release!
    • Removed: Pollute More - Vanilla rebalance in 7.4 renders this unnecessary and, actually, easier than vanilla.

  • [Eco 7.4.5] GBM Update - "Alliance's Triumph"

    The GBM is back with even more mods to make your worlds even more Glorious!


    • Artistry: Paint some Paintings for your buildings!
    • Electric Job: Electrical versions of the Blast Furnace, Kiln and Anvil. Save the Coal!
    • FZM-Games: Games within a Game. Play chess in Eco with your friend, or decorate with huge chess pieces!
    • FZM-Tools: Different useful tools and objects, like a Block Scanner and a Hare Trap!
    • Garbageman Job: Burn your Garbage into Coal.
    • Mining Dynamite: Creeper out all that evil stone!
    • Simple Bridge: It's simple. It's a bridge.
    • Shipping Container : 60 slot industrial container for carried items.
    • Transport Pipes: Automate your base. Transport & Filter items from your chests/containers/stockpiles!


    • Asphalt Modkit: Update that adds simple mod config files! Thanks to Kirthos and Kronox for pushing this effort!!
    • BetterLogging/BetterMining/BigShovel: Now easily configurable via files - check mod folder!
    • Cj's Expanded Items Pack: Multiple New Items!!
    • Industrial Container: Fixes.
    • GBS Industrial Container [rebalance]: Industrial Container now holds 90 items. More expensive again.


    • AKirthosCore: Deprecated mod - this API/Lib is now included in Asphalt Modkit
    • Admin Utils, Spoffy's Rubble/Debris Removal, WorldEdit:
    • [!] Admin / commands mods will go to a new modpack - Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack - to be released along with GBM 1.2.1

    As always, thanks to the great modders of our community.

    Special thanks to Kirthos, Kronox, JAGGANOT, MasterWho, FishAus and Zeel Nightwolf for hearing me out and helping me as fast as they can!

    Have fun with this new update!

  • [Eco 7.4.6] GBM 1.2.2 Update - "Unstoppable Recherche"

    More Mods, more glory.

    First of all, Update WARNINGS:

    • WARNING for 7.4.X version and manual mod inclusion or update: Eco currently has a limit of 256 blocks. This was reported and is being promptly fixed by the developers for the future versions. Adding or updating mods might cause your server to crash after launch - GBM 1.2.2 sits EXACTLY on the 256 Block limit. In a week or so this may not be an issue anymore.
      Deru's Farming Mod was removed and replaced by BetterFarming (check Gathering tree).
      Players will lose skills invested in skills added by Deru's Farming Mod.
      Server owners: Warn your players, and if you want to give back the whole SP cost for that skill, the total cost would be 57 [{ 5, 7, 10, 15, 20 }].
      BigStorageChest will be removed in the next modpack update (unless a model is added by then).
      There will be a warning in the ReadMe / update when it's removed - ask your players to start moving their items into vanilla chests or JD Shelf.
      If players keep using BigStorageChest, those chests will be removed from the save on the next update, which will also delete everything inside them.
    • REMINDER : Admin / commands mods were moved to a new modpack, Glorious Bean ServerUtils Modpack.

    Here comes the changelog:


    • BetterFarming: More skills that make harvesting with scythes&hoes easier!
    • Grumble's Item Kit: Pack of multiple items, including furniture, food, windows and a new skill - zymology!
    • JD Shelf: A great Shelf that holds 50 items (takes the same space as 3 vanilla chests with some more slots)!
    • LargeBridge: A straight, safe large bridge for vehicles to drive in!
    • MarktStorage: A mixed-storage MiniCrate that holds 5 items - perfect for compact set-ups and designs!


    • Big Shovel: Fixes Repair Cost issue
    • Electric Job: Added Batteries, Battery Charger and a Generator that runs on Batteries! Fixes
    • GarbageMan Job: Adds recycling & crusher to the GarbageMan Job! Fixes
    • GBM MiscChanges: Fixed speed of Truck/PoweredCart in dirt roads, Higher Truck speed and carry weight, Takumi's SkidSteer (Previous 'MiscImprovements')
    • Planetary Defense: Fixed PD Research Efficiency issue
    • Shipping Container: Fixes rare issues; lowers mod file size
    • Simple Bridge: Lowers mod file size
    • Transport Pipes: TransportPipes now require power to operate. Pipes can input fuel in objects that require fuel [e.g Blast Furnace, Torch Stand, etc], Added a Hopper to drop Excavator mined resources directly on - connects to the pipe system and drops into output-connected storages, multiple fixes and optimization. Phew!


    • Deru's Farming Mod: Author MIA. Issues found. Replacement mod included.
    • Reset Skills Command: Moved to GBSU - admin/server mod

    Thanks to the great modders of our community.
    Great thanks to the modders of the Eco Modding Alliance!
    Special thanks to Kirthos, JAGGANOT, and Mariana. Recherche Team, Recherche! <3

    Enjoy the new update!