Community Update for 4/30/18

  • Highlighted comments from our 4/17/18 update:

    Certain plants not populating upon world creation; usually crimini mushrooms but can also be more than one type of plant completely missing

    “that is one of the most annoying things, having to create a new world over and over and over again becasue it is missing either some animals or some plants
    EDIT: want to say i have only 1 useable out of 2 worlds at absolut best!”

    UPDATE: We have fixed this in 7.4. Plants that have not spawned during world generation will now spawn in automatically.

    Would like to see more information about Laws: How to’s; Examples.

    “Seven votes for "How To Laws" from my small server, would love to have that explained a bit more clearly. I've got a programming background so I think I have a leg up, but for most new players it's gibberish.”

    If you’re interested in contributing to our Wiki, we would appreciate your help!

    “Thanks for this initiative! I'm glad to see you quickly took into account the critics about the lack of communication since Steam release. As a server admin and modder, this is a good way of getting updates and ideas other than following the constant flow of messages in the Discord server.”

    What the Community Was Talking About Most Last Week

    Trending Topics

    Bugs or technical issues

    • People are wondering if digging large tunnels can cause crashes or lags. It seems like large underground rooms (tunnels) can cause issues, and segmenting them (using construction materials to turn a large tunnel into smaller rooms) seem to lower lags/freezes/crashes.

    UPDATE: Yes, it can cause lag. This is something we have fixed which will be implemented in 7.4 or 7.5 at the latest.

    • “Steam says it cannot run because the app is running after leaving Eco when trying to start the game back up. Task manager does not show Eco.exe running (this is not EcoServer related as multiple instances of the server can run). We’re not sure if this is all on Eco's side or also a Steam issue. It does seem to happen in 'clumps' where several people will have it happen and then several hours will go by before it happens again, so maybe it’s something Steam is doing like an update. The workaround is to simply Restart Steam.”

    If anyone has more information on this, please let us know. You can send your information to me directly We always appreciate when the community reports bugs!

    • Save files being corrupted often

    UPDATE: This issue has been fixed and will be implemented in 7.4, as well as better backups!

    Things People Would Like to Add or Change

    • Woodsfolk and Chefs are forever valuable, but stonemasons and blacksmiths have to waste valuable skill points trying to keep up with the game curve, unable to dedicate themselves to their craft like the other 2.
    • It’s too easy to build the laser once you get the excavator, resulting in not having much time to play with because you blow the meteor up too soon. Would like to see making the excavator and other vehicles sooner or make it like you have to combine all professions to build the laser. For example, a new research just for the laser beam and the cost being a lot of resources like food, wood, stone, etc...
    • The ability to paint concrete
    • Forestry equipment
    • Greenhouses
    • Chainsaws
    • Trains for transport of goods, building materials, and people
    • Mining carts with a rail system
    • Adding the ability to name storage chests/stockpiles when looking at their inventories
    • Search field to search for recipes at all workstations
    • Insects/bees, beekeeping skill tree
    • People prefer to have Construction skills (Lumber construction, etc) either be free or under the material Specialization (under Wood construction under Hewing, for instance)
    • People are talking about wanting seasons
    • Boats
    • Animal domestication/breeding, animal farms

    Sharing the Love!

    • People praise the passionate, driven dev team
    • People praise the overall quality of the game - some people don't even think it's actually Early Access/In development

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