Hopefully not a bug - Grass dying

  • We have an issue where very large patches of grass (on the blocks) is turning to dirt and spreading extremely fast. every few minutes new green blocks are turning brown.

    everything else in the world is fine. the grass you can harvest on top is still alive, trees can grow on the dirt.

    Dont really know what else to say.. picture below shows what I'm referring to.

    UPDATE: we've just found a desert turning to dirt too. in most cases it appears to be spreading from the water (both river and ocean) - in the picture already attached you can see both cases of this

    UPDATE 2: there appears to be a bug with the trample spread - if you watch the relaps on the server, it spikes on day 4. going to put report on gitgud. for those that want to see - look at trample spread on cause & effect

    dead grass.jpg

  • I think it has to do with the proximity to the desert biome, as ours was surrounded by desert biomes. After having our farmer use his soil tool, he determined that the grassy zone close to the desert zone is in flux.

  • I wish that were true. it's happening in other areas of the map too with no desert biome nearby

  • Normally, this would be due to trampling but if that's not the case, a bug report would be really helpful. If you haven't reported one yet, I'd be happy to do so for you. Just let me know!

  • Thanks, i have already reported it


    After looking into it further - the issue is player activity. i disabled the tramplespread which has allowed the server to remain undamaged in terms of gameplay, but the player activity is still sky high in sections

  • Thanks for the report and follow-up! We appreciate it. :)

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