Randomly kicked back to menu from LAN server.

  • Me and my gf have been enjoying the game on a LAN server I'm hosting from my PC, however my gf has a problem when we play that's happened a few times recentally. She'll suddenly not be able to use any of her tools or interact with any object, almost like the server has frozen. Then she'll get booted to the main menu with no error message.

    Anyone else had this issue, tried looking for people who've had similar issues but found nothing.


  • There is a bug report for this. https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/7353

    If you have any further information or can send your log files to us that would be great. You can find your log file in this folder, called output_log.txt. Windows + R then run: %APPDATA%..\LocalLow\StrangeLoopGames\ECO

    You can either send it to me shay@strangeloopgames.com or post it directly in that Github issue. If you send it to me, please reference this Forum post so I know what it's regarding.


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