[Client] Tree Stumps (Can We Keep This Bug? <3)

  • This was a client-side bug that I would love to keep but I think it's not supposed to be here.

    You can remove tree stumps by placing a block on top of them, and then removing that block.

    It's easily reproducible. Just find a tree stump anywhere, and place a block of dirt on it, then shovel the dirt. The stump will be gone.

    Sometimes the stump comes back, which is annoying but you just have to replace it with a block again. There's a stump in the wall of my Hunter's Lodge, and I had to keep reopening it to remove the stump and place back the wall. Recently, I tried just placing a wall on top of it (instead of removing first) and it hasn't come back. So that's a plus!

    Also I'd just like to point out that you gain skill and lose calories while you're offline. The calories part is bad (I joined a server once for like a second, and the next week when I went on, I was starving), but the skill is nice! Except it makes it too easy to gain skills.

    I'm using the current version of Eco.

  • Tree stump will be removable with proper tool in the future.
    And the reason it reduce your food is that like real life, you needed to sustain your character too.
    It's not implemented yet, but what we planing is having house with refrigerator or table which you can put foods to consume while you are offline.
    And skill point is closely tied with nutrients which are obtained from food, your starvation means slow skill improvement.
    P.S. for a very short moment of past, we had "starve to death" ;)

  • @SLG_K Okay wow, you have that covered! Awesome. (Looking forward to a refrigerator/table!)

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