-Big Little Community- Eco Server All Players Welcome!!!!

  • Server Info in post below

  • We are a server that has been around for awhile now but never really put ourselves out there in the eco forums. Well I'm here to change that. We are a 9K world on the current update are not overly populated or overly urbanized. We are also a decently sized but tight knit community that's easy to get involved with. We offer excellent administrative support for issues that arise within the community. Admin's will answer concerns within hours if not minutes of them arising. Our community is very user friendly and supportive of new players. We offer a Discord server so that our players can chat with one another both in game and out from all over the Globe, we are predominantly English speaking server but offer an enjoyable playing experience for all players so feel free to join with the discord link below and tell them Fluffy Sent you. :) https://discord.gg/yxJnVnK

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