In the Night

  • So I was playing on a server with my brother... The server, despite having been advertised on the forum, was completely empty except for us two. All the animals were gone, and apparently it was day 138 or something, but the meteor was still ominously circling the globe.

    So we settled down and started making a city. There were no laws, so we chopped down a ton of trees and eventually had a nice game going for ourselves. There were no trees where we claimed our town, so no one could chop anything down and make ugly stumps. There was a rock shelf nearby, where we decided to put anything that produced waste. To see what waste looked like, I made a trash compactor, and had a lot of fun turning bushgrass seeds into trash. All the trash stacked up inside a little stone box.

    My brother was more of a miner (I made a bakery, shops, and a Town Hall), so he made a refinery on the rock shelf. It was a fine refinery, and he made sure all the waste was on stone (we didn't know what waste did to grass).

    We wondered what waste-water looked like. So I shoveled some garbage and put it right next to a river (far away), but nothing happened. I assumed garbage just didn't affect anything this early in game development, and went back to our town.

    The next day, my brother and I went on the server to find a completely ruined town. Literally EVERY block of grass was dead and nuclear-waste-y, and all of our plants were dead. We laughed so hard. It was great. Anyway, my brother started shoveling garbage, and I helped, and once all the garbage was gone the grass turned back to normal (wish that happened in real life). Apparently while the garbage was left sitting overnight, one garbage block was touching a grass block and it all spread from there.

    I still haven't found the river where I put my waste-water garbage...

  • @anna Thanks for sharing that story! How much time did you and your brother spend on the server if I may ask?

  • Around four days, maybe like 3-4 hours every day? The server reset over the break though :/

  • Oh, that is too bad. Seems like you made good progress then. I am sure you will find a more reliable one in our dedicated server area. Fingers crossed!

  • Definitely! I'm currently playing on It seems great!

  • It is a very nice server!
    I am in contact with the owner, and after about 2-3 corrupted worlds in one day, we now got an automated live-backup every hour.

    It's the server of my choice so far :)

  • Awesome, and sorry it all got destroyed :) Been working on the graph system to make it a lot easier to see whats going on in the game, will let you know how things go down while you're away better.

  • @JohnK Great, thanks!

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