The new housing skill system vs freedom of creativity

  • The problem

    The new housing skill system is definitely an improvement over the old one. It's easier to understand (the old one was not very transparent) and it forces you to produce higher tier building materials, which in turn puts a bigger dent in the world's eco system through resources needed and pollution created. This is definitely a welcome change in my opinion.

    It does, however, ruin a different and important aspect of the game: The ability to choose what your house looks like - what it’s built from - as you're now forced to upgrade to higher tier building materials to increase your housing skill bonus. Basically these two systems are mutually exclusive.

    The question is: How do we maintain the gameplay impact of the housing skill system change in 7.0.0, but bring back the freedom to choose how your house looks - what it’s built from?

    The possible solution

    I believe I've found a good solution for doing this, but I am putting this here to hear what people think, as well as making SLG aware. It might even spark an even better solution from someone else.

    I went through a good few ideas (none of which were really any good) until I landed on this one.

    A (4 actually) new building block type is introduced. You use this to build your house like you would with any of the current building block types. The difference is that this is a tier building block type, which allows you to build any block material type (ie. bricks or glass) that you have currently unlocked.
    This new block type is created from already made building block types. So for instance to get a tier 2 type block you would craft it from bricks (or another tier 2 material block).

    A tier 2 block type allows you to build tier 1 and 2 building block types (that you have unlocked).
    You would select the type of material you want to build, by selecting it in a manner much like the current building block types (window, wall, stairs, column etc.), allowing you to create a tier 2 hewn log room, if you want.

    This gives people back the freedom to have their house look like they want, while maintaining the new housing skill system and its progression.

    I imagine that crafting these new blocks won’t take a lot of time, but probably require an extra ingredient or not be a 1:1 ratio conversion. This is a balancing issue that I’ll leave up to SLG, if they choose to implement this solution.

    Put in another way:

    • Craft framed glass like you would now.
    • Convert the framed glass to the new tier 4 (since framed glass is a tier 4 building block material) building block using the kiln.
    • Use the new tier building block to make any building block material type that you have unlocked (hewn, mortarted stone, glass, bricks, corrugated steel and so on), which will all be tier 4.

    A potential issue

    One thing that is of concern with this is that you can basically create bricks from lumber, for instance. Since both are tier 2 materials, it'd mean that you could get bricks by creating this new building block type out of lumber.

    One solution to this could be that if you want to create this type of building block from lumber, it would also require a brick to do. Of course for this example tier 2 has other tier 2 material types, so this would again be a balancing issue across the tiers.
    This has the interesting side effect that to do this you're more reliant on each other, assuming the person making the lumber doesn't already have the ability to also make bricks. This opens up for another trade venue and transportation requirements.

    In closing

    I hope this makes sense, if not let me know and I will try to clarify! :)

  • Updated the original post by better explaining some things that weren't entirely clear apparently. ^^

  • This is very interesting. I'm going to post it on Github as a suggestion.

    Thanks, @_Viper !

    ~ Shay

  • Thought about posting it there, it came as an extension of the framed glass window type suggestion, but figured it'd be a bit too long.

    At any rate it's both places now, so thanks! :P

  • You're welcome!

  • For myself, I'd rather have some sort of polished wood or some other Tier 4 material that is crafted by carpenters along with a Tier 4 material from masons like manufactured marble. More materials at the top tier would permit at least greater variety and wouldn't require a massive new system of transforming blocks from one type to another or even trying to distinguish between a Tier 4 Hewn Log vs. Tier 1 Hewn Log.

    I know that you are suggesting that other materials including things like stone roads (it can be an attractive material when used in accents) can be used for housing construction. The idea of building material tiers being used to calculate house score is something that forces design rather than the original system of a requirement for x number of blocks to use various manufacturing tables in the game permitted a greater degree of freedom in room design. Rooms & buildings now lack those accents and details like I used to be able to incorporate into a room design.

  • I wasn't specifically thinking about stone roads etc.

    What you're suggesting is certainly something that could be considered as well, but is sort of not relevant to this suggestion. I mean, it is, but the point of this is to create the freedom to create a house with the look you want, no matter what tier the material might be. Your suggestion still won't allow someone to build a tier 4 mortared stone house, for instance.

    More material variety through the tiers (especially 3 and 4) would without a doubt be nice, but this suggestion stands as trying to solve the actual problem of having the freedom we had before.

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