New Server needing players - GER/ENG, SP x1, Trade, SP for Crafting, High Collab

  • After some trial and error we're doing a Long-term project with high collab.
    Yet there aren't enough citizens for now so our little group is looking for active players who like to collaborate / trade their goods with stores to help each other.
    If you're not sure - feel free to stop on by and take a look, we're currently trying to build a city.
    Next big goal will be to create a minted currency.

    Want to settle but not sure where? Feel free, the map is big; or join our little community.

    Server Name: ecoboons2.0
    Server IP:
    Server Host:
    Player Slots (max. Players online): 32
    Language: German/English
    Date of world Generation: 25.04.18
    Meteor: 60 days
    World Size: 2,0km²
    Sepcialty Cost: 1.0
    Skill Point Rate: 1x
    Skill Points for Crafting: 0.003 (standard)
    Unlearn Refund: 0.5
    High Collaboration

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