Vegetarian possible?

  • Have a question about the food...Is there anything food what dont need to kill/butcher animals with a good amount of Fat and Protein? Havent found :/

    I dont like it to kill massive amounts of Animals...and then wehn i butcher these i get a massive amount of leather...i dont need them ;)
    I need tallow yes...but for what these massive amounts of leather ( in moment there isnt anything good/important the craft with) :/

    Is there a good food combo with no meat? ;)

  • You should check out the Wiki where there is a list of all food types and what they contain. Here:

    Hope that helps!

    ~ Shay

  • Charred Camas Bulbs, Campfire Beans, and Boiled Shoots is a good early 100% vegetarian combo that I really like (about 40 sp/day) and doesn't need a research table to spec into the skill.

    The problem you face with going meatless is trying to get quality fat and protein sources, which is typically what you get with most meat and meat derived food.

    Camas Bread is a good source of fat for a more advanced level of food, but unfortunately a bit too high in terms of carbohydrates so will throw off your food balance regardless. Corn Fritters (requires Culinary Arts) can get a bit better without throwing your carb balance out. The best vegetarian food for fat is a Bear Claw... but again watch those carbs.

    Sadly, the best source of 100% vegetarian protein is Campfire Beans.... and pretty lousy source of food except to try and rebalance your diet.

    Vegetarian sources of vitamins and carbs are plentiful.

    The best bet for a vegetarian meal is likely Bear claws, Crimson Salad, and a few Tortillas to raise your protein level. It still will be off balance but does avoid getting meat.

    Finding a 100% vegetarian source of protein is really a big hole in the game right now.

  • Hopefully, we'll be able to add more non-animal proteins and fats into the game at some point. I wouldn't mind seeing avocado trees around, for one! :)

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