Server Crashing every minute (Crash Loop) [System.AggregateException] Dump file included.

  • Hey,

    I've had a server running for over a week and everything's been fine, two days ago we decided to start a new world since we were learning on the first world and made many mistakes and so many things went extinct, so now on our new world things were going great but suddenly the server is just crashing every couple of minutes producing a tonne of Dump files all with the same Exception but I'm unable to work out what it's trying to point to.

    Dump file:
    Server ECO Version: 7.3.3
    Mods: Clays ToolKit / AdminUtils.
    Map Size: 200,200 (4KM)

  • Can you also give us the world generator file. Is located in the config area. Thanks for your time