Player History Information

  • I think it would be interesting if all the player's actions within a world are stored in a log file that they can keep for their own use and at the end of the world publish it on some kind of universal profile so that other's can view their accomplishments (or lack thereof) along with screenshots and such.

    If, for example, a player successfully saved the world, that would certainly be an accomplishment. However, I'm not thinking in terms of "Achievements" (otherwise people will compete to be the one to do it, rather than accepting victory as a community), but rather a log of things like "Cut down X Trees" and "Planted X Trees" with some unified stat that shows how "In Balance" the player's actions were. Similarly, important details like "Killed the last Elk" would be important for the player to know. Often, in the real world, we wonder "Who killed the last one?" (if indeed the last one was from a human at all), but rarely do we get to know. Let alone be told by the world what we did if only for our knowledge. As well, if a player makes a point of breaking laws and bribing people - or, similarly, extorts players on a regular basis for breaking laws - having some idea of how you are a player are on the scale of chaos and order. Of course, laws are not always just, so the end result can still be something to be proud of.

  • I've asked about having something like this but in a more of a world scale rather individuals, such as:
    <blockquote>There has been X number of Eco worlds created. In 35% of them, the ecosystem failed and life ceased to exist while in another 50%, the meteor devastated the world. There is hope however, since civilisation in 9 worlds managed to co-exist with the environment and avert disaster by blowing up the meteor before it hit. They achieved this with an average of 4 days to go, with the earliest being 8 days and the latest being 27 minutes before the meteor hit.</blockquote>
    My opinion would be that as it is suppose to be a collaboration of people, highlighting individual players stats and "achievements" would possibly just fuel competition etc.

  • That depends on how it's down. If it's treated as an achievement it would certainly fuel competition, but if it's something as simple as a log of how many animals you killed as a contributing factor of it's extinction it could be thought provoking.

  • Yeah the game already gathers all kinds of stats, would be easy to aggregate them. I love the idea of picking through a world's historical decisions and what led to its downfall.

  • Making a top down 2D map of an ended world and populating it with animated data of player activity Gource style could be fun to watch.

  • Such an animation would be interesting to watch! You could combine user and world information, showing an animation of how the world evolved to it's end while allowing the individual player's to know their own role in it. Perhaps allow a special color coding that represent their own existence in the world?

    Of course, even something as simple as "You were 67% responsible for the deforestation of the planet, and lobbied often to allow more trees to be cut." would be a powerful message.

    At the same time, trolls would love it because - to them - it would be an achievement. Since they will be the monsters of the world though it wouldn't be a bad thing to encourage them. On the flip side, knowing your role in thwarting the villains would be very high praise.

    Maybe, through multiple worlds, a composite map that transcends the worlds can tell you what kind of player you are and of course give you the freedom to make it visible to others or not.

    The big question is if people will be allowed to choose a new name in each server while having a master profile. I mean, if someone decides to be "Sir Trollsallot" on all worlds it would be pretty obvious early on who not to trade with and that would weaken the effectiveness of trolls as having a world value while diminishing the incentive to "brag" through such charts.

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