NO huckleberry plants

  • if there are no huckleberry plants how do you get them?

  • Are there any dead ones? or none at all ?

  • type in huckleberry into the chat and then when it hyperlinks float over it and see the population.

  • If there was no berries in your would, the admin would have to fix this, or regen a new world.

  • Yeah, an admin would have to use /spawnplant (species),(count)

  • @ShaydenMac Yes - I have experienced the same issue with Crimi Mushroom and I would think the question is what else did not generate correctly?- also have experienced ore issues- random falling off of cliffs and not being able to pick up items even though they have been created after the fact of the initial server build.
    I have started 4 different servers and had issues with all the VM machines, I believe that the server needs a certain amount of power speed and resources to run correctly . So far I am not experiencing any issues with my latest server which is a physical machine- Dell T5600 - 64 GB Ram - 2x-Xeon processors.

  • Yes, it seems VM's seem to encounter issues often. Hopefully, with 7.4 and the re-working of networking integration, the issues will be solved. <crossing my fingers> :)

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