New server based in UK, Medium Colab, looking for active players

  • Just recently started up a new server with a friend, after a few bad experiences in other servers. Looking for active cooperative players to join us in building a community. world is only in the 2nd day with plenty of professions and specialties needed.

    World resets will never be decided by the admin alone, but as a group with people actively using the server.

    Server Name: [uk - Med Colab] - Adventure Time
    Server Location: England
    Server Language: English
    Brief Description: strong community focus with lots of collaboration - the goal is for everyone to enjoy
    Server Admin(s):ThePickleTickle, bulld0gx87
    Password Protected?: no
    IP; Port:
    World Size: 180x180
    World Difficulty: Skill Specialization medium, Skill multiplicator x1, craftime x0.0002
    World Objective: stop the meteor (50 days) , and then who knows what else!