4/18 EliteArk Overclocked 7700k 64gigsram MODS NEW PLAYERS

    Server name: 4/18 EliteArk Overclocked 7700k 64gigsram MODS NEW PLAYERS
    Server Location: East Cost U.S.
    Brief Description - We started this server because we were SICK and TIRED of servers who were laggy. Servers that rented from cheap overcrowded places like pingperfect,Nitrado etc who's policy is to cram 50 servers on a single box and give them 2gb of ram!
    This is a dedicated server box of our own, all to ourselves!
    This server specs are:
    7700k overclocked to 5.0 cpu
    64gigs of ram 2400
    1tb NVME drive.
    1GPS bandwidth
    We are new players who welcome all players.
    This is a place to chill, have fun and relax. NO DRAMA.
    World Size: 5km (Yes we can handle it!!)
    Mods: AE, Better mining/logging,Clay, Plants,Fish food, Fire Barrel, +more
    World Difficulty: Medium/Low Collaboration
    World Objective: Destroy the meteor (40 days )
    Website: EliteArk.com

  • I tried to join this server, but got a invalid token. cannot find any longer

  • Did you try adding it manually?

  • @ronniek09
    Independent build or working together ?

  • We are working together the best we can lol. Currently getting the basic skills together then we are building a town and shopping district. We are new so we are learning as we go.

  • This post is deleted!

  • We are working together, but we are all new. Figuring it out as we go. Of course it will not be perfect, or setup exactly how pro players might have it, but its a learning process and we are having fun. We have plenty of time before meteor.

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