Water how to move it

  • Is it possible to get a TIER 1 water carrying item, IE: a bucket, maybe even a small water pump cart. I feel like water progression should have been a bigger thing in the game. I understand their are water physics in the game with how water is affected by the aqueducts, but since we dont get brick till tier 2 and at the expense of many skill points to opening it up, that maybe if we have the option to use Mortared stone to create a "still ponds" that hold the water and overtime the water is absorbed into the ground as moisture. Also if rain is ever added, these still ponds can also hold water. Hewn logs could be used also but would lose water faster then mortared stone.

    Later, brick can be used to ensure a better water retention pond, and they can be linked to the aqueduct. As time progresses, the pipes can be used by either being buried into the ground or laid on top, and a sprinkler attachment can be added for aesthetics.

    here's a look at the tier progression i was thinking of .

    Tier 1 Nothing so far - maybe a bucket, water pump cart - something that requires the use of calories to move water

    A bucket could carry 1 volume(assuming water would get a weight similar to other items) of water and degrade over time like tools(non stack able when full)

    A water cart could carry possibly 5 or 10 volumes of water, but the cart itself wont degrade over time. (although having vehicles degrade over time, could open up a new avenue of business for carpenters/engineers). the carts could stack water or stack the buckets.

    Tier 2 - we have working aqueducts

    Tier 3 - I believe pipes and pump stations are whats coming

    Tier 4 - improvements on tier 3 for speed, pressure, quantity that's moved

    I did'nt go into the other tiers because most ppl already know about them.


  • It seems last i checked aqueducts move water but the water doesn't affect soil moisture so its an effect, you can make some lovely waterfalls and shallow pools but it wont help u grow crops... having the moved water influence soil moisture with be the first key thing i think

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