Strange Loop Games communication

  • OK guys I have to tell you. Just change the way you (don't) communicate.
    Let's see your last 2 big annoncements :

    • Alpha 2 release : half of the features annonced did not work. Just disatointing. OK it's an alpha, there are bugs of course. But now we are waiting for some news about bug fixes, so we could continue to test the game. Will you fix this unplayable Alpha 2 or jump to Alpha 3 ?
    • Dev blog #2 : no news about alpha. You tell us you spent the week preparing art for the future. Nice. But what about us waiting to advance in testing ?

    I'm not telling you work bad, I just don't know. If you want us involved please tell us what's going on. You have to take time ? Alpha 2 annoncement was too early ? Just tell us, it's OK. Please don't let us in the dark.

  • Hey mate, yeah we're just working towards Alpha 3 release, probably this week, or early next. We have a lot of bug fixes coming, but what features didnt work?

  • Skills don't work. Animals all die, so we can't test cooking...
    All those problems where reported. I think it is a major priority to fix that, but maybe you have greater plans.
    That's a problem of communication. After 4 days of testing we where just stuck by all those features not working. Then we nead to know what's coming next. A fast fix ? A new version later ?
    Would you make small posts on the forum to tell us your short term plans. It would be easier to manage the community, telling the testers what to expect on their servers.

  • Animals dying are fixed, skills 2.0 is half finished now. Maybe we can make checkins communicate somehow so you can see whats coming?

  • Next release will have the fix

  • THX. Yes I think if you want to keep the testers involved we need information. No big posts, just to know you've got out feedback and what you're doing with it.

    See you next year to make Eco fantastic.

  • @JohnK I don't know about that. I just downloaded the newest version (I'm assuming of course you link the newest version available) as of your post and all my animals just died tonight.

  • Yes release hasnt come yet, still in the pipe. Coming soon! Next week probably.

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