Dirt only stockpiling to 5 units?

  • Hi all, I've been away from the game for a few months and just came back to see all this new content :D

    Anyway, I'm putting dirt in a stockpile, and according to the Wiki it should stockpile in 10s and this is what I remember from playing before. However it's only stockpiling to 5 units.

    Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

  • Nope, this is the new way for items to stack in Stockpile. The math formula is X5=Y Where X is how many of the object it takes to stack one block high, and Y is Max amount in the stockpile allow. Seeing that Dirt can stack one to make one high, 15=5. The reasons behind this is cuz the stockpile is 5X5X5 so nothing should really stack higher than 5 High. You will find some objects like mortared stone will stack 15(cuz it takes 3 to make it one block high) while stone takes 4 to stack up one high, why it is allowed to go up to 20

    As a modder, there is yet a way to remove this math formula from the game without editing the master source... Sorry

  • No worries, that's fine, good to know it's a game mechanic and not a bug.

    So next question... what do I do with all this dirt? lol

  • I make dirt ramps, to build a mine to go up and down with a cart

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