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  • Hello! I found out about Eco and it looks fascinating. I'm partly really keen to try it out and partly rather wary: I think it could take up more time than I really have. So I have two questions.

    1. How much time does the multiplayer version take up? It's a co-operative game with a deadline, so there's presumably some kind of minimum time commitment that makes sense. I don't have the time to get sucked in, but I wouldn't want to take up a spot on a server that someone with more time to commit might be able to use.
    2. Is there a way to test out the client to check that the game will run happily on my computer? I have done the paper exercise of checking my system against the theoretical requirements. It seems marginal, and I see there is an express "no refunds" policy, so some kind of demo or try-before-you-buy would be useful.

  • (1) Each server has different rules and such, some with no meteor, some with super fast skill learning. Finding a server is very easy no matter what playstyle, or time you can spend.

    (2) Sorry, no Demos.

  • @Master-Who Thanks, that's helpful! Will keep thinking then.

  • Best bet, check out some let's play videos on YouTube, you can also join Discord channel for Eco, and they got a few players steaming their games, to get a better idea of gameplay.

    1. This game should really run on nearly any computer out there. If u decide to join our community, feel invited to our noob-friendly server:

    "All Welcome / Xp x3 / No meteor / Active Community"

  • Steam refunds should work in any case though.

  • @Junelicious Good point! Steam lists only Windows as a possible OS, though, which suggests that Linux client is not available. I wonder when / whether the Linux client will be offered.

    @Blutgewitter Thanks. My main computer is fairly old and uses a graphics card from the generation before the one specified. (This is the only point, I think, where my computer falls down.)

  • The minimum and recommended system requirements are here:

    @Wooster We're focusing on Windows OS right now and there are no immediate plans for focusing on Linux.

  • @ShaydenMac Thanks; I'd seen the system requirements already. I have onboard Intel HD 3000, which is my concern.

    Doing a bit of digging, I see that Steam may have the Linux client available even though it lists only Windows as an acceptable OS. So when I have the time to set aside in case of tinkering, I may make a purchase on a platform with the potential for a refund!

  • Totally understandable. Just be aware that currently, we're focusing on Windows OS only, however, we do have a channel in our Official Discord that other Linux users come to talk about their servers and get help from each other. In case you want to join that, here's the link.

    ~ Shay

  • Well, I ended up with a surprise free evening so I gave it a go. As I suspected, my computer's graphics card is not really up to the job, and I had to turn the graphical quality way down to get anything like sensible performance. The straw that broke it for me, though, was hitting a strange error involving the disappearance of most of the in-game text. I'm sure it could have been fixed, but given that I'd only get something that was not running as well as intended, I hadn't the heart to do the necessary digging.

    I definitely really like the concept though and if I have cause to get a graphics card or replace my desktop, I'll be looking Eco right back up! Thanks all for your time in helping me out.

  • It is my pleasure! Let me know how it goes when you get that new system set up! ;)

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