A guide to laws?

  • Hello is there someone out there that have made a guide to how to make laws?

  • Currently we only have what's on the Wiki but we're working on adding more to it, including examples.

  • Yeah I would love to see some more complex examples of laws, too. I experimented a lot, but it is super frustrating waiting for 24hrs until realizing it's not working as intended. Right now there's an example video voiced by some kids on your wiki, but I'd rather have something from the devs to work with. Is there any ETA maybe?

  • There is no ETA. The Wiki is run by a small group of volunteers who can be contacted via our Discord server. You can also find help there if you're having specific questions about anything. https://discord.gg/eco

  • Chuckles, I so hope you don't mean the 2 Gaming Girls "Laws" video sounds like little kids. But hey as I inch towards a birthday on Monday taking me that much closer to 40 I guess maybe I don't mind being consider a kid.

    What type of info about laws were you both looking for? What would either of you want covered in a guide?

    ~ Rae

  • This post is deleted!

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