Clean up Economy Viewer

  • I play with a community that is over 100 players. The biggest headache for us is the Economy Viewer. after about 3 days it takes a while to open up. after 10 days you almost can't use it because it lags too bad. It also looks like the Viewer may be attempting to keep values updated in real time which would explain some of the lag.

    Suggestion: Add a filter to the Shop screens (at the least Sale and Wanted) so you only see what you are looking for (maybe open it blank and only show once the filter has been set even if the filter is All) Only update when refreshed which should be easier and faster with a filter.

    This seems to be the single most disruptive component to our community enjoying the game and we would love it to work better.

  • I support this.
    The economy window should fetch the data once and then manually update it.
    In the fetched results you should be able to do a text search (dynamic filter).
    These are minimum requirements right now.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I've added it to our Github.

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