How to get the world object on "OnOperatingChange" event

  • I already asked this on eco-mods – I hope this kind of "double-post" is not frowned upon.

    So basically I want to create a mod which notifies the player when a crafting component goes "out of operation", i.e. because the fuel is empty. I can subscribe to the OnOperatingChange event of a WorldObject (which has a CraftinComponent) like this:

    public void Initialize(TimedTask timer) {
    private void HandleOperatingChange()
        ChatManager.ServerMessageToAllLoc("oh hello there", false);

    How can I get the WorldObject instance which triggered this event inside the HandleOperatingChange function?

    For other events like the OnActionPerformed there is a payload which has this instance, or at least the GUID of it (see EcoModKit wiki). Is there something similar for my use case?

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