Will "mine cart" rail systems be a thing for this game

  • Like the title says. Will mine cart and rail line be added in the future. It would be neat to have a rail system in place that could cross the entire globe, with road intersection, so those that just want to load a mine cart/ rail car with their goods, rather then using a small cart/road buggy to transport items to shared stockpiles.

    Powered carts could be steam, combustion, electrical, and "handcar" ppl power car.

    Rail stations could be used to store, setup, and manage carts. advanced versions could have an automated system for distribution of items.

    just some thoughts

  • Not sure but I'll add your suggestion! https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/7398


    ~ Shay

  • Have you check the Eco Global Survival road map: https://ecoauth.strangeloopgames.com/roadmap ?
    Railroad is number 1 in the list of proposed features voted by 1838 voters as we speak!

  • Yes, mining cart and mining rails are completely different than a train and train tracks, however. :)

  • To be fair, train tracks and rails were derived from mining rails in terms of design and where the original locomotive tracks came from. The difference is mainly one of gauge (distance between rails) and the size of the rail itself.

    It would be completely reasonable to have mine rails and a narrow gauge railroad use the same set of tracks, switches, and buffers (blocks at the end of a rail line that stops vehicles from going further). A small gauge is particularly useful for tight turns like would be needed in a mine and for a personal "hobby railroad" that some players might want to build on their lots.

  • It really depends on if and how the devs decide to implement one or the other or both. :)

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