Sleep and timelapse in single player

  • Hi,
    Watching KatherineOfSky youtube and experiencing stuff myself in solo play I do see that any kind of timelapse is really missing from the game.

    At some point the time it takes to accumulate required materials and skillpoints is just too big and you have to just afk for some time just to wait things finish.

    Another problem we see is with lights. It is just too damn dark around and using fuel in all kinds of torches is just too expensive.

    So it makes sense to use beds to sleep until morning with timelapsed simulation. We are solving two tasks - the desperate need for lights AND time to finish up production and get those skillpoints.

    Cause it is not fun to afk grind stuff.
    Sure thing servers won't do that as you have to remain competetive and fair for everyone. But you can still use a bed for graceful logoff which will let a player accumulate skillpoints at higher rate compared to logoff at a random position.

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