Single player pause/save game

  • Hello,

    I just bought Eco after watching some great vids on Youtube.
    I started playing but after a single several hour session I noticed several annoying things about how the game actually works.

    The first thing I was annoyed with is absence of PAUSE feature. While there are no dangers in the world of Eco for a player right now it seams obvious to be able to pause the game if you want to go afk for some time. Even in multiplayer game PAUSE seams like an obvious addition in the game that kinda pushes you in the back by a ticking asteroid timer.

    The second one kinda costed me quite some nerves. You just don't have a simple SAVE button nowhere in the game... Just Disconnect and Quit... Now that is embarassing... I would understand if the game had SAVE AND QUIT button like Minecraft does but in its current state I just don't get it.

    I do understand that even in solo play mode game runs a server in the background and the client joins it. But that should be much more clear for a player.

    Besides I would really like to have control of savegames. I do understand that a player should experience the consequences of his actions without a way to roll them back but this is a really bad approach in the gaming IMO. This is a dev choice but still I would like to see server settings about autosave interval or clearly explained rules about this.

    By trial and error I did figure out that simple QUIT will power server down and save your world. But this should be much more clear for a single player mode. I am not saying about total absence of in-game information about setting up your own standalone server.

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