Admin abuse, and harassment in Pams Big World by killservers

  • Admin of this server has continuously manipulated the skill bonuses and refunds, and has always blamed the manipulations on server resets, even though it was admitted changes were made to improve the gaming experience(making crafting a skill bonus). Upon the restart of the server with a fresh world, it was agreed among the admin to set refunds to 10%, with very high collaboration, but the same issues of the skill bonuses being manipulated without community notification occurred, just like the world before. I noticed when refunding a skill I received 50% refund, I got upset because I requested that once the server was started, that the rates should not be changed, and I realized I was ignored. So a few days later it was noticed by the community that crafting gave a skill point bonus, and at a very high rate, and refunds again were at 50%. Again all this was blamed on server resets. Very upset at this point I refunded again, to take advantage of the manipulations I was sure Admin created for personal gains in the game. The next day mods were added that made carts hold 9kg, and lots of new food, and up-gradable tools, all added with out consulting the community. The irony of this situation is that very high collaboration and very low refund was designed to keep progress slow, but the moded food bonuses just reversed that... Five days later, ten days into the server, I announced me and my buddy were ready to kill the meteor, and what followed in discord was full condemnation of me and my buddy for taking refunds, and how we were exploiters. So we called out admin for making changes, where it was admitted the crafting bonuses were changed, but both Pam and Art_illary insisted restarting the server caused the skill refunds to revert to default. That is when my buddy who is a programmer announced he had run his own server, and those fields do not change without manual input to the server. There was an argument that resulted in Pam threatening to ban us if we chose to continue to debate the subject. We did not want to get banned so we shut up, and the next day when we were ready to kill the meteor, I understood the last time I asked for a good time to destroy it, we almost got banned, so I made the decision to do it. Over the next tree days, we were harassed by many people, including the admin everyday, being called names, and accused of griefing the server, even though we had never done anything to warrant this. Today I had enough of the harassment, and told Arti he was acting like a child, and I got banned. This is a warning, and a notification, if you like some of the worst server lag in ECO, constant server restarts, admin abuse of skill bonuses, admins acting like dictators, and being forced through peer pressure to conform or be harassed out, then this is the place for you.

  • To ECO, Pam is a moderator here, under the name rentechd. I want to let you know this person is less than objective, because rentechd has demonstrated banning due to disagreement is not only possible, but a reality.Ecodrama.png dis1.png dis2.png Dis3.png dis4.png dis5.png dis6.png

  • dude you went out of your way to abuse a misconfiguration to advance at a speed that was clearly not within the server's spirit or intended pacing, and then rather than be quiet about your advantage loudly went about messing up the server's economy and going for the win before most other players had gotten out of the relative stone age

    pleading naive innocence despite having been around for a few cycles on the server and then powergaming your way to a 'win' within a couple days after aggressively capitalizing on a bad config isn't a convincing look

  • @scry we refunded the first couple of days, and the refunds were very low, but you asserting we abused the system is laughable.

  • lol

  • "messing up the server's economy and going for the win before most other players had gotten out of the relative stone age" h8ers going to h8

  • He chooses to post this where he accused my admin of cheating when he was in fact fixing the server after a crash so skill points would function again. He even admits he was mistaken, when he does not post is the harassment and inappropriate posts he mad when he thought the the admin was cheating. And the disrespect he treated the admiring with for doing nothing more then fixing this so they worked.

    He is trying to make you think this is why he was banned. This was several days before his ban and he was banned because he was harnessing and antagonizing and being totally inappropriate with a lady on the server. He was asked to stop and instead came back and started in on her again. After having been told after the 'cheating' episode and one with the harassment that he would be banned if the behavior continues, He was when it did. had already been warned about starting trouble as he had with accusing the admin of cheating for fixing the server and he was warned about inappropriate behavior. The admin finally banned him with my agreement. Admins have the right to remove anyone from their personal servers if they are breaking rules or being disruptive or inappropriate.

  • ...and now I have been banned from the killservers discord because I posted a link to this thread

  • @rentechd lying is not the best way to present your position, where is your proof?

  • Why, after being banned would someone want to come back to a group? I can think of two reasons. One would be to apologize to the person who you had behaved so badly towards and to see about (yet again) another chance or 2) to create more harassment and drama. I will let all reading this guess which road he picked that resulted in his being banned from that discord also.

    One of the reasons you don't see admins sharing lists of people that are banned from server due to behavior, harassment, and other violations is that SLG does not get involved in "outting" banned. However if the player to come announce that they have been banned then there is no privacy to protect.

  • @rentechd in no way would I come back to your server, you have well demonstrated your lack of objectivity, and ability to either lie, or knowing spread info that is lies.

  • @rentechd you mentioned that skills being reset is known issue, and has been reported, do you have a link to that report?

  • and w8ing to be banned here cuz @rentechd is a mod here

  • @rentechd u are admin on both the ECO server, the Discord channel, and also have people DMing, lets see some screenshots

  • I am locking this . Drama like this has nothing to do on the forums here. If you have issues then you can take them privately

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